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Hey, there, James! This is Mark. Try some posting and editing. Let me know if you need / want help. How about you also update the website’s calendar with different events going on, either at your church or around the archdiocese? Just a thought. God bless!

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What the Kavanaugh Hearings Can Tell Women About Themselves

Earlier this week (I think it was Monday), someone called into the Detroit, AM 760, Guy Gordon afternoon talk show with the following comment (paraphrased and elaborated by myself): Some women take the side of a female accuser and somehow just KNOW that a man accused of sexual abuse / assault must be guilty. Other women stand up for due process and talk about all the honorable men whom they actually KNOW as fathers, husbands, … Continue reading

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What, #YouToo? When will it end! An Open Letter to Women about the #MeToo Conversation on Twitter

Dear Women, I count many of you among my closest friends. Your presence in the world–and in my world–has at times turned many a dark day into praise and thanksgiving to God for having crafted you so well mentally, emotionally, and yes physically also, as the Biblical “helpmate” to men. You can enliven a room with your laughter, counsel work groups with your insight, attend wounds to body and heart, feed an army of kids … Continue reading

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A Country Divided—Over Bathrooms!

Some friends and I were cycling Hines Drive this past September, 2017, when we came across a nice little (and much needed) bathroom building, called “The Haggerty Comfort Station” (photo #1): Note: This location is the little castle image on the map, here. It turns out to be a rather historic place, as declared by the sign in front, (photo #2). It reads: “This comfort station was one of the early public rest stops, and … Continue reading


Do Christians, Jews, and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Do Christians, Jews, and Muslims Worship the Same God? Christianity and Judaism have the same God, but Islam does not.  Here is how I see it. Basically when the Romans encountered the Greeks and the Egyptians they all tried syncretism: keep the titles of their own gods while mapping them to the equivalent entities in the other cultures. It happened locally in Palestine, too, among the pagans. But this was an offense to the Jews … Continue reading


The Catholic Theology of Illegal Immigration is More Complex Than Is Usually Stated

A friend posted a link to this movie on Facebook: http://illegalmovie.org/index.html I wouldn’t normally comment but when I saw Fr. Martin Elsner weighing in at time 3:50 in the video I thought I should clarify the actual theology surrounding illegal immigration. What he says is true as far as it goes, but is incomplete. He himself wonders “How can a Christian … (oppose this).” I’ll explain. It is wrong to blame this problem on the … Continue reading


What Is Wrong with Homosexual Behavior?

Even an atheist has to admit something is wrong with a homosexual person’s mating instinct. That’s the attraction we are talking about, right? Not the attraction of friendship, kinship, business colleagues, etc. And as a mating instinct, the homosexual is unable to choose an acceptable mate. From there, where does the problem reside within the human person? In the foot? The hand? The cardiopulmonary system? The sexual organs themselves? No, all these seem to function … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Marriage License? We Do!

I’ve heard it said so many times about marriage, “Why do we need a certificate to prove our love? It’s just a piece of paper!” Well, you don’t need it for your love, but you do need it to inform the rest of society of your intentions and that you aren’t just fornicating. Consider this: when you apply for a job, the employer knows that your college diploma (or high school diploma) won’t fully qualify … Continue reading

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Hail full of Grace

  Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee

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Why Do Catholics Believe Things That Aren’t in The Bible?

Did you know that nowhere does the Bible itself say that only the Bible is to be believed? Protestants came up with this myth and successfully trick many Catholics into believing something that isn’t true and into leaving the true faith. Let’s see what the Bible does teach: “…continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred … Continue reading

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What is the Role of the Technocrat?

Here is a link to a disturbing news story about how “smart” phones are capable of embedding latitude and longitude information into the photos people take and forward by e-mail or post online: Why is it troubling (if you don’t have time to watch the video)? Because evil-minded persons can right-click on someone’s photo to find out this information and stalk the person or locate their kids! I verified the problem with an i-phone and used … Continue reading

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Vow of Obedience — In Marriage?

I’m collecting my thoughts for an article about marriage vows. What do you think–what happened to the woman’s vow of obedience? It just seems to have faded with the emergence of women’s suffrage. Did it ever exist? What was the justification for it? Is it only a cultural attitude?


Back from the Dead: a True Story

Jeff Markin: Back from the Dead, Reborn Into the Light In this video, a man has a heart attack and hasn’t been resuscitated after 45 minutes. The doctors give up on him and the staff starts to clean him up to send the body to the morgue. But one doctor feels commanded by God to go back and pray for him. He is resurrected and later tells his story.

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What is Faith?

What is Faith? The word “faith” has two meanings: trust and doctrine. By the first use of the word, people mean they can believe in someone personally, there is a relationship marked by fidelity and honesty and goodness. By the second usage of the word, people mean “the faith” or “The Faith,” as a set of dogmas or doctrines to which each particular religion requires its members give assent of mind and committment of heart. … Continue reading

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