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What the Kavanaugh Hearings Can Tell Women About Themselves

Earlier this week (I think it was Monday), someone called into the Detroit, AM 760, Guy Gordon afternoon talk show with the following comment (paraphrased and elaborated by myself): Some women take the side of a female accuser and somehow just KNOW that a man accused of sexual abuse / assault must be guilty. Other women stand up for due process and talk about all the honorable men whom they actually KNOW as fathers, husbands, … Continue reading

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What, #YouToo? When will it end! An Open Letter to Women about the #MeToo Conversation on Twitter

Dear Women, I count many of you among my closest friends. Your presence in the world–and in my world–has at times turned many a dark day into praise and thanksgiving to God for having crafted you so well mentally, emotionally, and yes physically also, as the Biblical “helpmate” to men. You can enliven a room with your laughter, counsel work groups with your insight, attend wounds to body and heart, feed an army of kids … Continue reading

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A Country Divided—Over Bathrooms!

Some friends and I were cycling Hines Drive this past September, 2017, when we came across a nice little (and much needed) bathroom building, called “The Haggerty Comfort Station” (photo #1): Note: This location is the little castle image on the map, here. It turns out to be a rather historic place, as declared by the sign in front, (photo #2). It reads: “This comfort station was one of the early public rest stops, and … Continue reading