The Catholic Theology of Illegal Immigration is More Complex Than Is Usually Stated

A friend posted a link to this movie on Facebook:

I wouldn’t normally comment but when I saw Fr. Martin Elsner weighing in at time 3:50 in the video I thought I should clarify the actual theology surrounding illegal immigration. What he says is true as far as it goes, but is incomplete. He himself wonders “How can a Christian … (oppose this).” I’ll explain.

It is wrong to blame this problem on the laws of the country. The guilt lies with one or both parents who violated the law. They now see the harm it causes to their children, too. It is a matter for confession. But deal with the problem the country must, anyway. So, having clarified whose fault it REALLY is, I’m in support of all reasonable attempts to deal with illegal immigration. Amnesty for kids of illegals is what I would call reasonable.

However, I opposed the recent DREAM ACT legislation because it is equally reasonable to secure the Southern border and enforce immigration laws on adults. The act lacked any such provisions. For lack of a better word, “liberals” are unreasonably opposed to these measures. Unable to propose any workable plan to prevent illegal immigration, they effectively demand the DREAM ACT without making any concessions. It is just part of their plan for general amnesty, which I oppose in good conscience with my Catholic Christian values. Whatever happened to “meet in the middle” or “compromise”? They don’t even believe their own mantra of “do what’s right” because doing what’s right includes commonsense notions about stopping all law-breaking crossings (e.g., drugs, guns, and sex slaves too). Conservatives know there will never be a law to secure the border unless we bring liberals to the table. So, looking for who else to blame besides illegals for their children having this problem? Blame the liberals in congress who won’t surrender the status quo of a porous border.

Is it wrong as a Christian to use these kids as a gambit? I don’t think it’s the conservatives who are manipulating them. Plus, “gambit” would be too strong. They are in conflict with the law and sometimes it takes a while for the law to get straightened out. Something needs to be done, but not without the concession already named.

(Thanks for the post, Lea! I just had to explain what the good Fr. was unable to. Actually, though the video claims to be a documentary, being as one sided as it is surrenders the title, but still a very good video.)

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2 Responses to The Catholic Theology of Illegal Immigration is More Complex Than Is Usually Stated

  1. Phil says:

    A path to citizenship, one of the key components of comprehensive immigration reform, is still favored by a majority of Americans across both party and religious lines, according to a new survey from the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute.

  2. Steve says:

    I think the “gang of eight” have been working on a fair compromise. We do need a solution to the problem of illegal immigration. Unfortunately, the suggested compromise does not secure the southern border. As a failed measure, I therefore am opposed to the suggested compromise.

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